You are not alone.

At Arafmi, we have an ongoing plan to provide services to help support carers, their families, and volunteers who care for people with mental health issues. As part of this plan, Arafmi is showcasing the different lived experience narratives of mental health carers.

Lived experience of mental health carers

Becoming Visible is an opportunity for carers not only to share their stories and experiences, but also to talk about what is missing in the current systems, what would help and what needs to change.

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Becoming Visible Research Overview

In 2019 Arafmi undertook research with over 250 carers.

Top 3 Personal Issues for Carers:

  1. Lack of availability of consistent support
  2. Not enough financial support (for the person they care
    for)*Males No.2, too much emphasis on crisis support
  3. Lack of Support Services (for the person they care for)
of mental
health carers
feel invisible*
of mental
health carers
feel tired*
of mental health carers feel they have no time for themselves*
of mental health carers experience high levels of stress*